Blogs - Read This FIRST

Rules for Blogs (in addition to standard rules)

1. Your post count must be over 250. Do not spam for a blog, or else you'll get warned/banned.
2. You must be an "active" member of the forum.
3. Do not turn your blog into a Forum Games only board; your blog will be revoked until 500 posts before a review.
4. Absolutely no flaming will be tolerated on blogs. Offending members will be hit with a severe warning or ban on the spot.
5. A blog is designed for sharing your experiences or whatever you want to showcase. Don't make it an excuse to spam, even though posts don't count. Your blog will most likely be revoked.
H-J カービイ said:
REVISED conditions for blogs. Note that anyone with a blog atm will not be affected unless their actions on their blog breach the new guidelines.
Whats atm? I seriously don't know what that means.

VSM: "ATM" means "At the moment." Oh....
Just a question - how do we get the blog? Do we PM an admin or post in here?

If post in here, then can I get a blog please?