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Bowser498 said:
Luma Party said:
Bowser498 said:
Salut tout le monde! Je parle français bien et anglais bien! Je suis très intelligent en français! Je ne veux pas apprendre toutes les langues... :p
(see my profile for more info)
You are very intelligent in French?
That doesn't make sense.
Yes... "very intelligent IN FRENCH". It shows that I am smart in French.
Also, it reads, "I am intelligent...", not "You are intelligent". :p
You're saying "Tu es intelligent en français".
Well, I could say what you're saying. "I am intelligent at French".
Even when I tried in translate (English), it said "I am intelligent in French".

Slacker said:
[ Mushroom Kingdom Mafia: Classic Royale ]

[ Background Story ]

Eight members of the Mushroom Kingdom gather in the foyer of Peach's Castle.
It is dark. All are trapped inside.

The silence is only interrupted by the pitter-patter of rain knocking on the windows, waning to enter.

The Mushroom Kingdom has been infiltrated by mischievous ghosts--Boos who will stop at nothing to gain control of the castle. Treacherous weather has made any escape route not only impossible, but deadly.

Each member of the room eerily bears the same resemblance. Everyone stays safe by fitting in with the crowd, but the mob mentality only makes it easier for enemies to stay hidden. It is impossible to distinguish them, but they roam within the shadows... just out of reach...

Those loyal to the Mushroom Kingdom take it upon themselves to craft a democratic voting system to eliminate suspicious members of the mob while they stay awake--methodically sending unfortunate souls to perish away in the gallows.

However, when the last few fall asleep... who knows what will happen.

[ Introduction ]
Hi everyone!

I'm not sure of the activity on the forum but I decided to try my hand at a small game of mafia. (I'll accept 7-8.) For those unfamiliar with the game, here is a link to a very helpful guide:

I know this seems pretty bare, but once we get more people signed up I will add flavor and roles.
Roles will be pretty tame, if we get a solid group of people we can experiment more in future games.

All players--new and experienced--are welcome to join this game!

[ Game Rules ]
Below you will find the set of rules that I posted early in the thread.
1 ) All votes MUST be bolded. If your vote isn't bolded, it doesn't count. You are allowed to unvote as well, just make sure it's bolded.
Example: Vote: Slacker
2 ) It is possible for nobody to be lynched. Just vote for a Vote: No Lynch and if enough votes are received, the process will be skipped.
3 ) No editing! Regardless of typos/formatting, double post in place of editing.
4 ) Unless you are mafia, or your role specifically states that you may do so, there is no outside communication/PMing about this game allowed.
5 ) No quoting PM's from me.
6 ) Once someone is lynched, the game goes into the night phase. No posting during the night phase! Once I get all night abilities, I will send the game into the next day phase. (I mean Cookie did this in the first game and look where that got him.)
7 ) I reserve the right to place deadlines on lynches, night role choices, etc. I will extend, shorten or lift these deadlines as I see fit. All deadlines will be placed in an effort to speed up the game should it become lethargic.

(Important rules are bolded.)
Typically I'll hand out warnings, but I reserve the right to swap you out with a replacement if you're being a pr*** about the rules. I don't think I've ever had to do this, and none of you are troublesome so I wouldn't worry!

Please remember to obey all of the forum rules too.
This includes flaming. Due to the nature of this game, discussion may get heated. Remember to avoid attacking the player, but rather attack the play.

[ Role Set-up ] [ Night Start ]
1 King Boo --- Godfather
1 Boo --- Mafioso

1 Mario --- Cop
1 Peach --- Doctor
4 Toads --- Townies
* 2 of those Toads will be Goombas (Millers).
* Goombas will not be informed of their status, they will think they are Toads.

Toad (Vanilla Townie)

You are a Toad.

Your alignment is with the Kingdom.

You don't have any special ability, and just try to live your life in peace.
Each day you get to vote in an attempt to remove Boos from the community.

You win with the Kingdom.
You must kill the Boos.

Mario (Cop)

You are Mario.

Your alignment is with the Kingdom.

You are the superstar in this town, and your role is to seek out any evil-doers.

Every night you have the ability to investigate 1 member to see if they're up to anything suspicious.
If your target is a Boo, you will know.
However, the King Boo will hide their tracks too well, and will appear as non-suspicious to you.

You win with the Kingdom.
You must kill the Boos.

Peach (Doctor)

You are Peach.

Your alignment is with the Kingdom.

You are the pride and joy of this town, and have kept everybody healthy for years.

You have the ability to visit 1 person each night. If they are attacked that night, you arrive just in time to save their life.
You also have 1 self-heal, allowing you to instead save yourself if you are attacked.
You can only use the self-heal once, regardless of if you are attacked or not that night, so use it wisely.

You win with the Kingdom.
You must kill the Boos.

King Boo (Godfather)

You are King Boo.

Your alignment is with the Boos.

You are the lord of crime in this town, and have decided that it belongs to the Boos.
You try to achieve this by systematically killing off one of the Toads each night.

You have the ability to order one death each night, which you will execute yourself. You are the decision-maker.
You can communicate with your ally each night, for as long as they are alive.

Your ally is [___], the Boo.

You win with the Boos.
You must kill the Kingdom.

Boo (Mafioso)

You are a Boo.

Your alignment is with the Boos.

You're a goon, following your king's every command.
It's not all bad though, because you're first in line to take his place should something ever happen to him. (Though you will never appear innocent to Mario.)

Each night you have the ability to talk with your partner and discuss who you want rid of.
If King Boo dies, you will gain the authority to order executions and make decisions on the kill target.
You can communicate with your allies each night, for as long as they are alive.

Your ally is [___], King Boo.

You win with the Boos.
You must kill the Kingdom.


Goomba (Miller)

You are a Goomba.

Your alignment is with the Kingdom.

You don't have any special ability, and just try to live your life in peace.
But you are stuck with the life of a Goomba; unfortunately, you will appear as guilty to Mario. Sorry about your luck.
Each day you get to vote in an attempt to remove Boos from the community.

You win with the Kingdom.
You must kill the Boos.


[ Kingdom ]
Player                  Status              Circumstance        Role
YoshimanDeadNKed Night 2Peach
NFanDeadNKed Night 0Goomba
Dark BooDeadNKed Night 1Toad


[ Reserves ]

[ Important Events ]
- Night 0 Start
- Night 0 Results
- Day 1 Results
- Night 1 Results

MattC said:
This was your original post:

Mother4Ever said:

It's incoherent babble and it sounds like you're trying to start an argument with the people who don't like the game, one of which happens to be Snowy. You're not instigating him or anything in this post, but you're setting up a debate.

Here is Snowy's original post, which is in reply to yours.

Snowy said:
Have you ever actually played Mother 1? It's an awful game. It's clunky and dated, the battles are awful, it gives you little to no direction, there are difficulty spikes out of no where and there's a battle every 5 steps.

He asked you if you have ever played the game you're praising so much about. Then he lists reasons on why it's not a good game. This makes sense; he's stating his opinion and he's backing it up. He is responding to your question without insulting you and he's trying to get more information as to why you like the game.

This was your response:

Mother4Ever said:
Ahhh I see, you don't like a challenge in RPG's. I like it and idgaf what anyone thinks! ;D

Instead of actually responding to Snowy, you insult him by saying that "If you don't like the first Mother, you don't like challenge in RPGS". Rather than responding to his question, you insult him and you've instigated an argument. Anyone who has known Snowy for more than 20 minutes knows that this is the absolute worst thing you can do.

Snowy responds:

Snowy said:
I've gotten every trophy in Demon's Souls, beaten Dark Souls 1 numerous times, and I've beaten Persona 4 on the highest difficulty. Mother 1 is just a bad game you little ass.
I also do end game raiding in ffxiv but that's a bit different I guess

He gives examples of challenging RPGS he's completed, and insults you because you invited him to do so. Now, he could've done without calling you an ass and all, but since your conservation started you've offered nothing other than a cold shoulder.

And you respond finally, with this:

Mother4Ever said:
Well then if that's your excuse then F*** YOU! Don't you dare call me an ass you b****

Now you've made yourself the bad guy. The reason I'm going through all of this because nothing YOU'VE said has made any sense. You're entirely in the wrong in this topic, and the best way to correct that is to apologize and try not to instigate fights with other people over a video game.

Colyton said:
Now, it's not the first time something like this happens on MPL.

People, not only M4E, need to learn that this is the internet and people from all around the world have access to it. You'll eventually meet someone who doesn't really like you for whatever reason or has a different opinion than yours. Opinions collide all the time and how you deal with it really just depends on your person. The right thing is just to accept it and not make a huge deal because someone thinks differently. Move on and all should be fine.

Then, about the divisions... All I see is complete stupidity. The MPL community has always been one, yes there's the site and forum, but one could not exist without the other. The forum has always been the place for actual discussions, for events, activities and what will happen next with the community. While the site is more of a ''newspaper'' for the Nintendo games. I'm going to be totally honest here, but you can't really have activities or discussions on the site. Finding an interesting topic is just plain hard and having to scroll all the way down to find a comment can result in being annoying and tedious. Mostly when most of the comments are out of context, spam and unrelated to the topic. Though, people have managed to integrate themselves and make ''friends'' and that's totally fine now and I see no problem there. Just that when it comes to having big discussions and planning activities, I don't think the comment section of the site is the place.

Next, a lot of people are making a huge deal out of this. Someone left and so what? People leave all the time. Like I said, this is the internet and eventually someone will stop coming to the community. Whatever are the reasons. Some members have left the forum and do I miss them? Hell yeah, but I won't go out and make a huge speech about it as if that person was dead. I'll just come out as childish and honestly, stupid. People have to learn to let go and go on with their lives. Whether the leaving member wants to keep contact with you or not is at their own discretion. If that person doesn't want to have anything to do with the said community, then let it be. That person knows exactly why they're leaving and it's probably for the best. People will come and go. This will always happen. This is an ONLINE community. There's nothing you can do other than message people.

One last thing, some people have said bad things about the forum. Only because they cannot agree on something with a member of the community and other reasons. That's just plain sad and makes you look bad. Then don't come crying because someone ''attacked you''. Deal with the consequences.

Drama happens all the time and it won't stop. I know a lot of you are young, but y'all need to grow some balls and learn.

Thank you very much.

[ghost]Are you rabid losers happy with yourselves? You didn't give me a chance-I gave everything, but you still wouldn't believe me-you didn't even give me a chance to take my own life. You're all bad and you should be ashamed of yourselves. I wish you could see my eyes right now-my face alone would've solidified my innocence, then again, you probably wouldn't have cared. You asked yourselves, "Let's see if she's evil," and you take someone's life just to prove your bloody egos wrong!? You could've asked, oh wait, You [/i]did[/i]! You just treated me like that toy you've outgrown and decided for kicks, you'd destroy it, all because of a string of lies. I was right all along; take a cue from the skies and hope you have miserable lives filled with incomprehensible suffering at best, maybe your characters lose at least one family member, or all of them, and your houses burn down. May my one wish be to go back and change that, so I would've had that knife and use it upon myself, please. I only wanted better of myself, that was all, and you crushed those dreams; wether you see another incarnation of me again is a question worth asking; it'll be your fault. It reminded me why I didn't want to take part in the first place. It's nice up here in heaven and don't any of you even THINK about joining me, I was already told I'd be here by myself and that's just how I like it; now no one can hurt me, but I'm still hurt being here and all. Ask yourselves: Why must unjustified and senseless violence be glorified and so...expendable? You would never just send me off like that if I was really in danger. But seriously, going back in time to prevent the lynch, even if just to take matters into my own hands would be more deserving.