Best MP7 character-specific orb?

As most for you probably know, there are orbs in Mario Party 7 only specific characters can get (and use)
If you don't know what they do, here's the list:

Fireball Orb (Mario and Luigi) - "Hit an opponent in front of you to steal his or her coins."

Flower Orb (Peach and Daisy) - "Spaces ahead of you will change to flower spaces, letting you ignore traps. You get 3 coins for every space you move."

Egg Orb (Yoshi and Birdo) - "Eat character spaces and symbols in your path and turn them into eggs. Eggs will become orbs after moving."

Vacuum Orb (Wario and Waluigi) - "Spin the wheel and take away whatever number you end up with from your opponents."

Magic Orb (Boo and Dry Bones) - "Use powerful magic to turn invisible and double your Dice Block rolls for 2 turns."

Triple 'Shroom Orb (Toad and Toadette) - "Use the power of 3 mushrooms to double your Dice Blocks for 3 turns."

Well, i almost always played as Toad or Toadette, so i only remember Triple 'Shroom.
But i can say that Magic, Flower, Vacuum and Fireball are powerful.
The Vacuum Orb is not really that great considering you often can't make back your coins if you purchased it from the Orb Shop. The potential to steal 10 coins at most from all the other players is very powerful, but it's so unreliable with the roulette, unlike the similar suction machine E Gadd's Garage had in Mario Party 6.

All the other ones are very powerful. I say the Triple Shroom Orb is one of the best ones. Having the power of a mushroom for 3 turns is incredible. It allows you to use all the yellow and red orbs during the turns the orb is still in effect. Only drawback is that you can't use any "use on yourself" orbs while it is in effect. So no Slow Shroom Orbs if you happen to get one. The egg orb is also really good. You could steal something powerful like a Red Boo Orb someone placed which is very threatening. The Triple Shroom Orb and Flower Orb are my personal favorites.

Mario_Comix said:
I think the Fireball Orb lasts 3 turns, or maybe 2.

The Fireball Orb lasts 2 turns, which is very nice. It would be ridiculous if it could stack with other orbs like Super Shroom Orbs on the second turn, but the effect gets overwritten if used.
Spongyoshi said:
After thinking, Flower orb might be my favorite, it's like a more powerful mushroom orb!
Not really. The Flower Orb doesn't have the benefits of a Mushroom Orb, only a Metal Mushroom Orb. You only roll a number from 1-10, therefore getting up to 30 coins. And ignoring all traps, it's good if you roll a high number to get coins, but if you roll low, that's not really a good payoff. The number you roll is random.

My favorite would be the Magic Orb, as I almost always play as Boo. Turning invisible to avoid all traps is nice, but also doubling your roll is a nice bonus, plus, it's good for two turns. If you get really lucky, you could potentially move 40 spaces.