Best Mansion to Explore?

Okay, I know this game was just released today, but eventually, people will get to play it and explore the game. So as the titles says, which one would be your favorite Mansion to explore? Any reasons why you prefer that Mansion over another one? Get the discussions going.

For now, I can't really answer the question, but I do am looking forward to Old Clockworks. When it comes to desert/egyptian styled areas, I'm really intrigued. When I get the game, I will confirm this haha.
I've played through almost the entire game so far and I'd say I enjoyed exploring Haunted Towers the most. It had the most creepy atmosphere to it such as the freaking Rumpus room made me feel a little disturbed. It seems to have the most hidden areas and some areas change as you complete each mission. The Eerie Staircase was cool and was seen in the trailer, except it was annoying after watching Luigi fall down the stairs for the thousandth time in a row, it was very tricky to get through.

Second would be Gloomy Manor as it is the closest to the original Luigi's Mansion. The elevator was cool. I don't have an opinion on the last Mansion as I haven't gotten to it yet.