Bejeweled Twist Review

I will be reviewing the game, 'Bejeweled Twist', here.
The ranks will be 0-6 yet again- 0 means NOTHING is good about it, 6 means EVERYTHING is good about it, and 3 is just average.
Bejeweled Twist is... pretty much a game of Bejeweled, where you match 3 gems to clear them, which adds some twists. Twist can mean 2 meanings here- 1. You twist four gems instead of swapping 2 gems. 2. There are some twists from original Bejeweled, like Bomb Gems. I will explain them later.
Yes, there's no storyline at all in this game.
I didn't really care about it much, though. It is a puzzle game. :p
Score: Not Available
Mouse Click. Simple.
It's keyboard controls are easy too, use direction keys to move and press a to twist.
Painfully easy and simple.
Score: 6/6
This game's music is just great! I found it was just catchy, that I even used one as my profile music. (It's gone now, BTW) I also liked the fact that instead of just using the same music for all levels, it has 6 different musics, which alternates between levels. Also, each modes (other than Classic/Zen) had all different music, leading to another plus. I would have liked to see more music though- 6 different musics are fine... but how about 10?
Score: 5/6
This game has really great graphics, compared to last 2 Bejeweled games. (1 and 2) First of all, there are some 3D Effects used in this game. No, not the ones you see by wearing glasses- like 3D Animation Cartoons. Also, some explosions made by special gems really look as you were really watching an explosion. Also, in case you have a low hardware PC, you can adjust the settings to change the definitions. Perfect.
Score: 6/6
There are 4 modes in this game. I will be explaining the most basic things on the classic mode section, while I will be only saying the exclusive parts on the other modes.
Classic Mode:
You can't really call it Classic Mode- there are so many twists (meaning explained above, see the 2nd meaning) in this mode! But let's say the basics first. First of all, you will have to rotate 4 gems (2x2) clockwise to make a match (3 Same Colored Gem next to each other) and increase the multiplier, which will multiply your default score. You can make a non-matching move, but that decreases the multiplier. I liked that you didn't get a Game Over just because you didn't have a matching move. Also, there are some bonus multipliers you can earn, by matching a particular colored gem 4 times. Once you reach enough score, you will move on to the next level. Now, I will talk about Special Gems. First, we have Flame Gems. Flame Gems can be earned by matching 4 Gems, or making a T/L shaped match. It will destroy all gems in a 3x3 square. Next, we have Lightning Gems. Those can be earned by matching 5 Gems. It will destroy all gems in its row and column. There is a new gem you can earn by matching 6 gems... but it is a secret. I recommend to find out yourself. Finally, there's a Fruit Gem where you can earn by maxing out the multiplier- it will destroy all the same colored gems. Those gems have a really nice graphical explosion, and it helps on thr gameplay a lot. Also, there are coals. It can only be destroyed by using a Flame/Lightning Gem, but once it is destroyed, more score bonus will be given. Next is a Bomb Gem- if a player fails to match it for a set amount of turns, it's a game over. Next is Locked Gem- you won't be able to rotate it in anyway. Last, but not least, is Doom Gem- which is same as a Bomb Gem, but can only be destroyed by Flame/Lightning Gem. Thankfully, its counter will only decrease when you make a non matching move. I liked those bad gems since I have to think more critically, in order not to get a game over.
Zen Mode:
It is same as Classic Mode, but there are no Bomb, Locked, and Doom Gem. I like to use this mode as maxing out my multiplier and using lots of Fruit Gems- you can use this mode to relax from Bombs!
Challenge Mode:
It is kind of a puzzle. You will have to do a kind of challenge like destroying 30 gems at once, or activating 5 Flame Gems in 5 Minutes. This mode added many replay value- you want to solve all these puzzles and get a 100% clear!
Blitz Mode:
My favorite mode. You have to get as many score in 5 minutes. It was fast-paced and its music is great, too!
Overall: There were some bugs in the gameplay, like sometimes Flame Gems making Fruit Gems dissapear. Though, they weren't too major that would make you stop playing. And if you like puzzles as I, you will have a fun time matching and twisting gems!
-Replay Value
I liked I can play many puzzles on Challenge Mode, and trying to beat my score on Blitz, but it would be better if this game included some kind of internet mode. This game can get boring after you finish this game all.
-Final Verdict
26/30- 5.2/6- Great

Buy It:
You like Puzzles
You like Bejeweled, and you like twists and changes

Don't buy it:
You don't like Puzzles
You like Bejeweled, but you think changing its gameplay will mess up the game