Battle Ring

This is unlocked once the Ultibed quest begins. Like the Gauntlet in the game before it, you fight X versions of bosses in this dreamy arena.

I'm really glad they included Giant Battles in this one, because they were all pretty damn memorable (especially Bowser, who I really wanted to fight again). So far I've cleared 6/9 in regular and 5/6 in giant. Mind you I'm at level 45 and clean sweeped regular 1/2/3 in like one move lol

Giant battles removing Rhythm Mushroom I don't mind since they operate purely on "don't stuff up" lol, particularly against Zeekeeper and Bowser (I'm slightly horrified that Star Driver counted against moves, but thankfully I got it first time in the X battle after failing around 4 times in the original one).

Anyone use certain badge combos in the regular battles? Like Shield/Silver (charge badge meter filling) or the healing combos? I haven't had a need for them yet... but Pi'illodium will kill me if I don't >.>