What did you think of the execution of badges this time round?

I actually find the badge system a lot more tactical than in BIS and it doesn't penalize you for not getting Excellents which I guess is a good thing for most players. :p But there are some badges I don't really like and others I really rely on lol.

Since most of you are in Mushrise/Dozing/Wakeport I'll list the badge combos I found helpful at that time:

>Virus/Master - reducing enemy DEF is helpful particularly for bosses though it's great for clearing enemies rapidly (moreso in the real world)
>Guard/Master - not taking damage for 6 attacks is helpful particularly if you're alright at dodging, and again great against bosses. I don't know if this stacks with the Guard Shell (I don't use as much equipment this game) but that means 12 attacks free of damage. :p
>Mush/Master - free 50% health is always good for pinches.
>Risk/Silver - normally this isn't good, but it is synergistic with Guard/Master and Virus/Master to increase your overall damage output, which is a good thing. :p I assume a Secret Box might give you the same effect though...

I personally wouldn't recommend the Strike Badge since I don't think it's of any value unless you can't find an enemy's weakness. Or don't want to waste BP for some reason.