Baddie Box Lag

If Invincible Mario or White Tanooki Mario were to ground pound onto a Baddie Box, the game will start to lag as the box explodes. The "explosion" will continue and the game lags until the player jumps off of the exploding box. A harsh grinding sound is heard during the explosion, and a sound resembling that of a beanstalk coming out of an item box (in Super Mario Bros.) can be heard as Mario crouches when the player holds L button or R button (beanstalks like this do not appear in the game). It is possible this sound is simply the sound Mario makes when he crouches, but distorted so much by the explosion it sounds like that. The glitch can only be done on levels such as World 2-4, 5-Castle and Special 1-3 where Baddie Boxes appear. Only the latter level (where there is a random item box and Baddie Boxes are placed on a surface and not in the air) will have this glitch even after the player beats the level before and is also the only level where Luigi can execute this glitch. Both World 2-4, 5-Castle require the White Tanooki suit.

Super Mario 3D Land - Bowser Box Glitch

Has anyone tried that glitch yet?