Awards List [Send in your Nominations!]

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It's time for our 2013 awards! This time we're letting you guys pick the nominees for all 30 awards! For each award, pick a few members you think best fit the category. Simply PM them to me (SuperZambezi) like this:

1. Geno, Midna, Kazooie
2. Yuga
3. Goron, Gruntilda

and so on. Send in your nominations by Thursday, January 9. If you have to ask what time, you're doing it too late. Voting will begin on January 10. You do not need to send in nominations for every award, but it would be greatly appreciated! And there is no shame in nominating yourself. Also, keep in mind that these awards are all for fun. There are some awards that poke fun at us all, so let's not take it all so seriously!

Here are the awards!

1. Shoutbox Star

Who rules the Shoutbox? This doesn't have to be about who spends the most time on it!

2. Discussion Star

Who keeps the discussion alive at MPLF? Let's give 'em an award!

3. Quality Star

It's one thing to post a lot, but it's another to post something well thought out and carefully constructed.

4. Mario Party Star

Let's crown the biggest Mario Party fan!

5. Mario Enthusiast Star

And the biggest fan of the Super Mario series!

6. Nintendo Star

For that member that is always playing the latest Nintendo games and discussing them on the Forum!

7. Gaming Star

It's not just about Mario! Who is the biggest gamer here on the forum?

8. Topic Star

Who is the best at starting interesting discussion? It's not just about the number of topics you made!

9. Dedication Star

Some are more passionate about the Forum than others. Who has the most dedication?

10. Friendship Star

Who is the friendliest member on the Forum?

11. Humor Star

We have a couple of jokesters on the Fourm. Who is the funniest?

12. Activities Star

Who made the biggest impression in the Activities Central this year?

13. Art Star

It's no secret we have a couple of artists on the Forum. Who made the biggest impression this year?

14. Staff Star

Who do you think was the best member on the Forum staff this year?

15. Staff Suckup Star

Oh yes, let's not lie! Who tried to suck up to the staff the most? No hard feelings!

16. Troll Star

And of course, there are some of us who like to see just how far we can push our fellow members! Again, no hard feelings!

17. Lurker Star

There's always that one guy that is always watching the Who's Online page.

18. Best Username Star

Whether it's someone who is always changing their username into cool and creative names, or that person who picked a cool name and stuck with it throughout the whole year!

19. Procrastinator Star

For that one person who literally waits until the very last minute.

20. Too Much Time On Their Hands Star

For that person that seems to always be online.

21. Rising Star (1)

This award will go to a new and active member that registered on the forum anywhere from January 2013 to June 2013!

22. Rising Star (2)

This award will go to a new and active member that registered on the forum anywhere from July 2013 to December 2013!

23. Veteran Star

Eligible for any member that has been active for over two years on the Forum.

24. Event Star

Whether it was during Spring Fever or Chilly Challenges, which member participated the most and put the most dedication into the event? This award applies to the hosts of the event as well.

25. Transformed Star

Which member has changed the most in the past year? This can apply to the way this member posts, their friendships on the Forum, etc.

26. Shy Star

Who is that one member you are dying to know more about? Which member likes to stay on the quiet side?

27. Blog Star

Who has the best blog?

28. Best Friends Star

What two members are the best of friends? You must submit two members as a pair for this award!

29. Archenemies Star

What two members always seem to be rivals against each other? You must submit two members as a pair for this award!

30. Collaboration Star

What two members work together the best? This can be for an event, an activity, or two members who work well on the Forum. You must submit two members as a pair for this award!
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