Awards Feedback

Post your feedback here on what you liked/didn't like/things you'd suggest for the next ceremony.

A few things:

1. I'll be open to running it again should we do this again.

2. I'm pretty disappointing with the number of people who bothered to nominate.

3. Every nomination was included. There were some that could've been cut down (ie Gaming Star) as only five people were nominated more than once for that particular award. For the sake of uniformity across all the awards I decided to keep everything, but next time I might trim down where applicable. Those five people all won the award too.

4. VIP and HJ are not staff members.
BossBlitz88 said:
Maybe give a reason when nominating so there won't be any nominating for friends.
You're supposed to nominate your friends for the awards, but I do see your point. Some people had nominated particular people across most of the awards.

Accj21 said:
Find some way to regulate a minimum and maximum nominations, some had 10 whilst others had 3. Maybe specify like 4-8 nominations per award?
This is the point I was addressing with my third point. For the Gaming star, about 11 different people were nominated. Out of those 11 people, only 5 had received nominations from multiple nominators. However on some other awards (Veteran Star for example), no one had more than one nomination.

It's entirely possible for an award to have 13 different people nominated for it only once.
Nice awards---glad I got one award at least! 8)
Maybe next time, there should be a few more awards, and DEFINITELY more people should nominate. I nominated 2-4 people per award (except for the most likely to... ones)---I was surprised by how many nominations were picked because of me.
(Are you going to host this every time? And how often will this occur?)
And btw, can somebody add the awards onto our profile under "awards"?
Need some way to generate more interest next time.

Still, they were cool awards. Bit disappointed you (Matt) only got fifth. Glad I won something, at least.