August 1~3 - Moves

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Let's see if we can get three days in a row... or something like that.

From last turn:


Sushi/Ryoux - no moves?!

Kinetic - in confrontation. Confirm your items.


SolidSnake - refer to map. Note that paths that cross are not necessarily able to be accessed - you must move from space to space along a straight path. (forewarning)

M&P - Yogurt Yard
You found the Ruby Star. Accompanying it is a riddle:
"My fourth is a snazzy beverage that cleanses and purifies in battle."
If you solve this riddle, you will unlock a couple of things...... the meanwhile, you hear a giant mechanical whirring. If you don't flee, it could lead to trouble......

HBK/Marioguy - Glitzville
As you take the blimp up to the floating island of Glitzville, you sight a speckled egg being chased by a merchant. Do you save the egg?
+10HP for both

kingboo - Chocolate Island
The legends are true! The mysterious island of Chocolate does exist after all! You bump into a Blue Koopa, who offers to send one of your current party to the Valley of Bowser. Do you accept?

Koopa Kid - in battle. Wait for Kinetic's move.

Make your first move for the three days.
To clarify: I asked you to confirm a move to the South-East for Jul 26-27, which you confirmed. However, you made no other move afterward (not what I expected from the others, but I couldn't just crowd that topic up.). Hence, this move that you have logged now applies to Aug 1.

I'm trying to get more moves in from now b.c. SZ wants to rush this. >_<
First move (map won't update, so remeber where you're headed):

Sushi/Ryoux - you're heading SE, so:
Horon Village Shop
The shop owner runs up to you and comments on that 'strange shield' of yours. He comments: "The legend is true! It's the one and only Mirror Shield! It can deflect any elemental or projectile back at the opponent, overriding the piercing function of the attack! You are one lucky man!"
Mirror Shield can now be equipped.

HBK/Marioguy - you can still move even while using items...
M&P - Dry Dry Desert
Whew! This desert is heating up! And take a look - the ruins of the legendary Tutankoopa! But wait - some Poison Pokeys have followed you!!!
Go to the Battlefield.

...what, no moves? C'mon, kingboo needs to decide if he warps...

Moves will be recalculated after HK actually submit something. KK can make another move.
Sushi/Ryoux - Pipe Plaza
CONFRONTATION! Kingboo *conversely* was not expecting you.

Marioguy/HBK - Lineland Road
Nothing special here. BTW, that Egg hatched, giving you a YOSHI!!! Yoshi allows you to use its swallowing prowess to devour any one standard enemy whole, using 7FP and can only be used every three battle turns. Against non-standard enemies (i.e another team or a boss character), the Yoshi will perform a spit attack instead, which damages all foes for 15HP(dmg) - this form also uses 7FP, but can be used every second turn instead.
SolidSnake - see map.

Kingboo - Pipe Plaza
CONFRONTATION!!! Bad move indeed. This could be your downfall...
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