Ask Yoshidude1 a Question!

Vipsoccermaster said:
How did Yoshi become your favorite character?
My first game that I played was Super Mario World, so I sort of grew up with him, and I used to really like dinosaurs as well. Also Yoshi has some of my favorite character abilities like fluttering, throwing eggs, and eating enemies.
Sashe2705 said:
What's your favorite Mario Kart track of all time?
There are a lot I like, but my favorites are Koopa Cape, because it is so unique with riding the water and going into that tube and Yoshi Valley because of the maze and you couldn't tell what place you were in at all, which i thought made the course really fun.
Sashe2705 said:
So, Yoshi Valley and GCN Sherbet Land will probably be in MK8. That means 1 Retro Track is not confirmed yet. Which track do you want it to be?
First of Yoshi Valley and Sherbet Land  ;D. I think it will be will probably be a Bowser Castle, but the one I want it to be is Wario Colosseum. I had a lot of fun racing on that track. It is a possibility I suppose since they have to use a Wario track at some point.  :p