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SpiderStaryu said:
Luma Party said:
What does feel like to be an admin?
Ummmmm, I'm not sure what to say on this. I mean, it's cool being an admin after so long, cuz I feel like it gives me a stronger voice and tone, and it allows me to help with the forum more in the tech field (well, up to where my abilities allow me). So I'd say it's good.

BUT, I will say this as a little bit of advice. Most people wanna be staff so bad, that they forget the responsibilities come from being an admin/g-mod, or whatever. It's no picnic. YOU are in charge of the forum, thus you have to pay attention to what goes on; if anything goes wrong you fix it, if there's a fight you stop it, people get crazy you gotta shut them down, etc. Then there's stuff you gotta plan for the forum to make sure the forum stays interesting and such. Being on staff isn't fun and games, I mean, it's not like it's SUPER SERIOUS BUSINESS or like LIFE OR DEATH thing, but you gotta be smart with your position, try your best to interact with members, and get along with your staff-buddies, of course. Someone who does not get along with others won't last long.

That is true.
I think you're a great admin and you do the right thing 99.9% of the time .
SpectJinx said:
What do you think of my completed Top 100 Favorite Pokemon, Top 32 MKW Tracks, and Top 32 MK7 Tracks lists and my Sprinter TT on Delfino Square?
[MKW] Delfino Square w/Sprinter - 2:18.606
Also, how do you like my completed "The Chronicles of Hitshi: The Yoshi's Island Mafia"?
I think it's interesting to see your opinion on these topics. I especially loved Top 100 Pokemon, because it's no easy task to take 100 out of 649 Pokemon, and put them down in a specific order of your favorites. I like that dude!

I thought the mafia was interesting at a different perspective.  I wish the mafia would of won though as in the game, the mafia won so it should of stayed true in that regard, but nonetheless still a great read.

Vipsoccermaster said:
Sunshine baby!

How is it like being a Yoshi now, since you just reached the Yoshi rank?
Ghost baby!

It feels... nice! I've come along way since 2010.

The Shattered Legacy said:
Is there anything forum wise where you felt you could have addressed or done better than you did?
What are you trying to insinuate?
The Shattered Legacy said:
Is there anything forum wise where you felt you could have addressed or done better than you did?
What are you trying to insinuate?

I'm not insinuating anything, it was just a question that came into my mind and wondered if it would be something that you could answer honestly. If you thought I was trying to provoke you by asking this, that was as far from my intentions as possible. And besides, I don't want to have bad blood with you, it's something that I want to leave far in the past.
That's not to say you have to answer though; if it's a question you feel is too offensive coming from me, I can understand. c:
@Jinx: No comment for now, because I haven't really gave them a good look. When I do, I'll get back to you.

The Shattered Legacy said:
Any particularly memorable or funny moments in MPI games?
There have been many funny moments for sure, same for memorable.
I guess something I remember the most is when I did "Treasure Divers" mini-game with Boo/Timmy/Berry/Gatlin. Gatlin was not helping Berry at all, and Timmy/Boo were getting all the chests, it was very funny.

AbsolPowers said:
What's your favorite part about being on the Lost Levels?
I guess the best thing for me is to put my ideas/my thoughts out there for you guys to listen to and speculate on. It also has helped me when it comes to speaking on the spot and finding things to say. Being on the podcast is a very great thing.
DeadlyxImpulse said:
1. Top 5 favorite games in order from excited to okay for 2013/2014?

2. What two characters you want to make it onto Smash 4?

3. Do you have any plans to get DKCTF?
1. Pokemon X/Y
2. Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS (If it comes out 2014 LOL)
3. Mario Kart 8
4. Super Mario 3D World
5. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

2. New characters or veterans? I'll say both.
New characters... I would love to see Starfy from the Legendary Starfy series, and maybe Jill from Drill Dozer. Those are some great, ignored Nintendo series that would fit in perfectly in the Smash world. Veterans, I want to see Jigglypuff and Diddy Kong return.

3. Yes, I am for Christmas!
DeadlyxImpulse said:
1. What happen to the Daily Poll?

2. Top 2 favorite hobbies and why?
1. It still exists, I just don't update it anymore lol. No shit, I know. But it was getting hard to remember to update it, and then also think of a topic as well.

2. Does playing video games count as a hobby? :p I'd count that as one. One thing that most people probably don't know, is another one of my hobbies is designing. Whether it be drawing, on PPt, making a whole thing come together, I just love making stuff in graphics. I think making some cool designs always eases my stress and allows me to be even more creative.

Vipsoccermaster said:
Do you know who Ernest Coulter was?
The name sounds familiar, but I don't know who that is exactly... why do you ask?