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Nightmare Bowser498 said:
Why not get SMM, create Kaizo levels, and then try to beat the Pit of Panga levels?

My family doesn't have a million dollars laying around waiting to be spent.

Putting more thought into the answer.

SMM is a simple level maker, and because of that, I'm not sure if I even want it. I would rather just use a much more advanced tool like Lunar Magic and create something that you would never be able to do in SMM(new overworlds, custom stuff like graphics and blocks, etc).
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NintendoFan said:
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WiiUFan-04 said:
Is Super Mario World your favorite video game or something?

Super Mario World is one of my favorite games, and there's so many mods/hacks of it by the community so there's always something new appearing in SMW.

I think this answers your question. But Yoshi's Island is also good.
Well Yoshi's Island is the sequel to SMW after all.