Ask a Toad anything

The Lost Luma said:
^I agree with that.

Why did you want to join the podcast in the first place?
I originally came on as a guest to discuss Mario Kart: Double Dash, which interested me because it was the birthplace of my favorite character. Eventually I was asked if I would like to do it again, I had some free time available, and sooner or later I became a part of the team because Kyle had to drop out. It's been almost a year since I became a Lost Level, and I have enjoyed every minute of it.
NitoriAria said:
1. How would you rank each of the 14 characters that won one of my Comparisons from favorite to least favorite?
2. How about the 13 characters that lost?
3. Who's the easiest boss you've fought in FE:A?
1 & 2. To be honest, I only looked at the Walhart vs. Black Knight one...
3. Walhart, ironically. I TKO'd him the first two times with my Sorcerer Avatar, and on his recruitment paralogue chapter I used Donnel to slowly whittle away his health, while Chrom landed the final hit with Aether.
Yoshiman222 said:
Toadette said:
The Shattered Legacy said:
What materials did you use for the Walhart necklace?
Well the picture was pasted onto a Scrabble Tile with Mod-Podge and then hung on a leather string. I don't have that many good chains to use so the string will have to do.
Wait, you have Walhart necklaces?
Can I see...?

It's just a little photo secured onto a Scrabble Tile, nothing fancy. But it still makes me feel happy having a little bit of my husband The Conqueror hanging with me. I'm going to wear it with my Toadette necklaces.