Ask a Toad anything

TheAntiGuy said:
Why is Toadette so cool?
Are you asking me why I like Toadette so much?
If so, I don't really know. It's really weird how I hate pink and Girly things, yet I like Toadette so much. I mean I have always liked Toads, but I have no clue why I decided to like Toadette more than the others. I just think she's really awesome, despite having no significant role in the Mario Series other than being Toad's partner.
Mr. G said:
How would you react if Toadette was in the next Mario Kart?
~The_Executioner~ said:
Do you have any particular movie genres favorited by yourself?
It's not really a genre, but I enjoy Pixar and Disney movies. I also like the works of Studio Ghibli as well as adventure films.

Wacky said:
Makes us two.

Anyways, do you have any sites that you usually upload artwork to?  :)
Not all of it, but some. Most of it I randomly upload to my Facebook.