AquaYoshi's review of Pikmin 2

Hello its been a long time since I've done one of these and this time it's on one of my favorite games ... Pikmin 2! For those who been living under a rock and bought this fabalous game yet I'll give you a brief rundown of the story. Captain Olimar returns from his journey from the pikmin planet but when Olimar gets back the company he works for ,Holocrate is deep in debt after one of the President's  employes named Louie tries to ship a golden pik pik carrot but Louie loses carrot. Olimar and Louie go back to planet Pikmin to find lost treasures to try to get the president out of the debt.Now unto the review it self. The graphics for a gamecube game is beautiful but graphics doesnt really matter. The gameplay works great some Ai issues like pikmin going out of their way carring treusures into the water or into monsters but there loss.The soundtrack is amazing and I even listen to it while going to work The Game length is long just by the first journey after you collect 10,000 pokos ( the game's currency) you have to go back to planet pikmin but I won't tell you why, and if your finished with that theres a large amount of challenges to do.The multiplayer is a bit iffy I wish you could do Co Op in the story but you can either go agaisnt each other in Mutiplayer battle or work together in challenges.
Single Player 8.3/10
Mutiplayer 6.2/10