What do you think of the main villain? For those that have already played the game, make sure to mark your spoilers!

Looks interesting and I definitely like the dark feel he (she?) gives off.

Blue Toad said:
Antasma is fought twice and he helps out Bowser during the game. They created a castle (where the final battle is held) called Neo Bowser Castle. (I will have a topic about that soon!) Near the end of the game, the agreement ended after Giant Bowser is defeated.

I hate you...

All I know so far is that Antasma stole Peach... not about some
Neo Bowser Castle

Really thanks a lot
I didn't really understand his role in the game.
I mean he's bad and all that and kidnaps Peach early in the game.
But at the end he does not do anything really bad. He only gets a giant new castle for Bowser
And I don't like that after the last fight against him he just vanishes. I mean I always thougt he is the main villian.

For me he looks like a Haunter too so I think Antasma fits in the game theme as a nightmarish ... thing. ;D
Anyway, he's not easy to beat. I had to beat him in easy mode :D