9 Years of Toadette

November 7th, 2003: Mario Kart: Double Dash!! was released in Japan, and the character Toadette makes her first debut.

Toadette was introduced as a partner/sibling/possible lover for Toad. She and her Male counterpart could be unlocked by beating the 100cc Special Cup with a First Place win.
Toadette was generally cherished as a character because she, and the Toadette Kart, had the best acceleration in the game. Toadette was also in possession of the Special Golden Mushroom item, which allowed you to take infinite amounts of speed boosts until the Mushroom wore off. Many people used the little pink Speed Demon to their advantage and paired her with characters such as Baby Luigi/Mario, Bowser/Jr., King Boo, or Petey Pirahna so they could have the power of a heavyweight and the speed of a lightweight, or combine Toadette's item with the other character's item.
After Double Dash, Toadette went on to appear in more games such as the Mario Party series, and even Paper Mario. She was a well cherished addition and had a rather large fanbase. However, she has been absent in recent titles, leaving people to believe she was just a gimmick for the GameCube Mario games.

So, Happy Birthday to Toadette! She's been around for 9 years, but sadly absent for 4 of those.
It's that time again, and now Toadette and her game of debut are officially 10 years old! It's a little less sad this year because the E3 Direct has confirmed our pink pal will be returning in Mario Kart 8.

See you soon, Old Friend!