31-Day Pokemon Challenge (Pokemon On Kommand)

I'm doing a challenge from Tumblr for the month of December known as #PokedexXY, or Pokemon on Kommand. Every day in December I will update this post with the Pokemon question relating to the day.

DECEMBER 1ST: Favorite

Parasect is the Mushroom Pokemon, #047 in the National Pokedex. Originally introduced in Generation 1, this Bug/Grass Pokemon is the evolution and final stage of Paras. Parasect is based off a cicada being infected by a tochukaso mushroom, a parasitic fungus which burrows into the host's skin and affects it's behavior. It's blank eyes might also be a reference to a zombie. It's name comes from Parasite and Insect, or the Latin -sect, meaning to cut, referring to Parasect's large claw-like hands.
I feel like Parasect is a Pokemon that's always gotten the short end of the stick throughout every gen. It's typing, Bug/Grass, is a very frail type that grants it several resistances, but also a lot of common weaknesses, such as Ice and Rock, and two 4x Weaknesses to Fire and Flying (3 in Gen 1, as Bug was weak to Poison, giving it a 4x to Poison as well). It's also horribly slow, leaving it easy to kill to by it's offenders. However, Parasect does get some good abilities such as Dry Skin, which strengthens it's weakness to Fire, but grants it an Immunity to Water, making Rain Parasect's best friend. It's also the only Pokemon that can learn Spore at a low level, as it and it's pre-evolution learn it at Lv. 22 while it's Mushroom Brethren from Generations III and V learn Spore at Levels 45, 50, and 62, respectfully. (And Smeargle, who can learn any move, needs to use Sketch in order to obtain it.)
Competitiveness aside, Parasect has always been a favorite of mine, despite it's bad typing and horrible speed. Every generation I make it my duty to obtain a Female Paras or Parasect, name it Toadette, and raise her to Lv. 100. Parasect also has an awesome origin, being a Zombified Bug with a Parasitic Mushroom on it's back!

DECEMBER 2ND: Favorite

Hydreigon is the Brutal Pokemon, #635 in the National Pokedex. Introduced in Generation 5, this Dark/Dragon is the evolution of Zweilous and the final stage of Deino. Hydreigon is based off a Hydra and the Yamata no Orochi, an ancient Japanese monster that appeared as a draconic snake with several heads. It's name comes from a mix of Hydra, Dragon, and the German word Drei, meaning Three, referencing Hydreigon's three heads.
My favorite Type on my Birthday! What a coincidence!
Ah, Hydreigon. Back in the early days of Black and White when we relied on Serebii to leak images from Japanese versions, this guy was known as Sazandora, and when I first laid eyes on it, I knew I wanted one. And eventually, I did get one. And let me tell you, this guy is a beast. Though, being a Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon with the standard Pseudo-Legend 600 Base Stat Total, this guy was bound to be good in one shape or form. Sporting the unique typing of Dark/Dragon, the Ability Levitate, and tons of coverage moves that compliment its good Special Attack (such as Draco Meteor, Surf, Fire Blast, Focus Blast, and Dark Pulse), Hydreigon is a very good Pokemon. However, Generation 6 brought down the mighty beast somewhat by introducing the Fairy-type, which Hydreigon unfortunately has a 4x Weakness to. But pushing weaknesses aside, Hydreigon is a personal favorite of mine because of its Awesome Design, Neat Typing, and Flexible Moveset.
DECEMBER 3RD: Favorite


Zekrom is the Deep Black Pokemon, #644 in the National Pokedex. Originally introduced in Generation 5, this Dragon/Electric Pokemon is the Mascot Legendary of Pokemon White Version. Zekrom is based off the concept of Yin and Yang alongside it's counterpart, Reshiram. It's design is a mix of a Dinosaur, an Eastern Dragon, and an Electric Turbine. It's name comes from 'Kuro', Japanese for Black, and the sound 'Ze', which Ken Sugimori states was used to be a hard contrast to the soft 'Re' sound in Reshiram's name.
Zekrom is one of those Pokemon you have to sometimes remind yourself is actually a Pokemon. When you look at it closely, it's design is really complex compared to the legendaries of Generation 1. But this is definitely no thing to complain about. Zekrom is simply an example of how Ken Sugimori's skills are improving, and it's definitely one of the coolest-looking legendaries around. On the Battlefield, Zekrom fits the standard Uber Tier qualifications most Legendaries have. It's bulky, and has High Attack. In fact, the highest out of all Electric-types. Zekrom has the special ability Teravolt, which only it and it's fused form with Kyurem have. Teravolt is essentially a fancy Mold Breaker, meaning ol' Zek can hit Levitating Pokemon with Ground-type moves, and even strike down the pesky Shedinja because Teravolt laughs at Wonder Guard. Zekrom also gets an exclusive move, the Electric-type Bolt Strike, which is a move with an insane base 130 power, a 20% chance to inflict paralysis, and absolutely no drawbacks (besides low PP, but this is expected of such a powerful move)! So like most Legendaries, Zekrom is a formidable foe and a nice and strong Pokemon to use. I love Zekrom because of it's awesome design and origin, and incredible power.
DECEMBER 4TH: Favorite

Luxray is the Gleam Eyes Pokemon, #405 in the National Pokedex. Originally introduced in Generation 4, this pure Electric-type Pokemon is the evolution of Luxio, and the final stage of Shinx. Luxray is based off a mix of a Lion and a Lynx, and possibly the constellations Lynx and Leo due to the star-shaped attachment on the end of it's tail. In European Mythology, the Lynx was said to have the power to see through objects, much like Luxray can. Its name comes from lux, a measure of light, and x-ray.
Luxray is one Pokemon I always had a soft spot for, and not just because of it's cool design. I started Pokemon a little late in the series, my first game being Diamond. With my first-ever Pokemon being the starter Piplup, Shinx, Luxray's first form, was the first Pokemon I ever caught. She was a Female, who I named Lux (ironically unaware of what it's final form would be called), and I raised her all the way to Level 100, just like the rest of my team. Luxray gets some pretty cool abilities in Rivalry, Intimidate, and Guts. Rivalry is a great way to troll someone who uses Pokemon Teams of all the same gender, while Intimidate serves as a good way to cripple your opponent from the start. Guts is a good way to buff up Luxray at the cost of giving it a status condition. Luxray is also unique in that it has a Base Stat Total of 523. Luxray can be quite versatile in battle, having both high Atk and Sp. Atk stats, but slightly more Attack. This is helpful because Electric has several Physical and Special moves, therefore Luxray doesn't need to be locked into one stat. Luxray's only downside is it's so-so Speed and Defenses. However, Luxray's stats are similar to that of a Fully-evolved Starter Pokemon's, so Luxray shouldn't be automatically tossed away. I like Luxray because I have fond memories of it, and it's a pretty good Pokemon, too!