3 Random Shop Items

3 Random Shop Items

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3 Random Shop Items - A custom board for Mario Party 3.

This event aims to make the shops more like Mario parties 6-8. It randomly grabs 3 unique items for the player to choose to purchase from. Normally in Mario party 3, the shops are based on the turn tier and what placing the player visiting the shop is in. So if you know those 2 things you can determine what items will be in the shop. You can change how the items are weighed in this event by changing the odds listed below the label named...

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Hi, if i only want skeleton keys to be available in this shop, i would have done it like that, is this the right approach?

.align 0x10
.byte 0x0B ; Mushroom (00-0B)
.byte 0x64 ; Skeleton Key (0C-14) 100%
.byte 0x1B ; Poison Mushroom
.byte 0x21 ; Reverse Mushroom
.byte 0x27 ; Cellular Shopper
.byte 0x2D ; Warp Block
.byte 0x33 ; Plunder Chest
.byte 0x39 ; Bowser Phone
.byte 0x3F ; Dueling Glove
.byte 0x45 ; Lucky Lamp
.byte 0x4B ; Golden Mushroom
.byte 0x51 ; Boo Bell
.byte 0x59 ; Boo Repellant
.byte 0x5F ; Bowser Suit
.byte 0x64 ; Magic Lamp
.byte 0x64 ; Koopa Kard
.byte 0x64 ; Barter Box
.byte 0x64 ; Lucky Charm
.byte 0x64 ; Wacky Watch