2 Years on Mario Party Legacy

2 years a go today I joined the forum and joined in on the madness. I would like to thank everyone who made my time here enjoyable and ultamitely very friendly. :D There's some special thanks I want to give out:

Dark Boo, Aegis Blossom (<3), Berrylarry200 (Sophitia), Ryou, PartyPopStar, Yoshi8984, Vipsoccermaster, 31GHT B1T S3RVANT... you guys are the best!! OMG, and Chubzster, Swangler, Wackii, Daisy; my Love and Beauty clubees <3 Here's to another fantastic year at MPL!!
Aegis Blossom....sounds like a bad porn star name lol. Nah jk you give out the best nicknames. :p

Anyways, we got on a real bad start but as I got to know you, you became to be a best friend of mine. I'm happy for that. Congrats! :)