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    Hello Yello!

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    Sonic Mania

    Sonic Mania Plus is coming out tomorrow, I'm very excited for the return of Mighty and Ray.
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    Currently Playing

    Super Mario Galaxy 2 at the moment.
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    Last Game You Got?

    Well earlier this month I bought a used copy of Super Mario Bros. 3.
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    Hello Yello!

    Hey-oh, I am the eccentric wanderer of the internet otherwise known as NanoPhoenix and it's a pleasure to meet you Mario Party Legacy community. I am a diehard Mario fanatic and gamer at heart, I tend to gravitate towards various Mario fan communities like Mario Boards and Mario RPG Universe but...
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    Favorite and least favorite 'Mario _____' characters

    Favorites: Mario (especially), Luigi, Geno, Fawful, Rosalina, Wario, Waluigi, Vivian, Goombario, ect. Least Favorites: I don't think that there is anyone that I genuinely dislike, to be honest.