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  1. Wingcapman

    MP1 Soul of Japan 0.1.0a

    First being an area located in my story, then becoming a custom Mario Kart Wii track, and now with a new name becoming a custom Mario Party board! Even if I've put some effort in this map while I actually didn't want to this, this is a test map after all (or at least my first custom board). At...
  2. Wingcapman

    Soul of Japan

    SuperZambezi submitted a new resource: Soul of Japan - A custom board for Mario Party. Read more about this resource...
  3. Wingcapman

    Mario Golf: World Tour matches

    Hey hello everyone, lately playing Mario Golf: World Tour pretty often again lately, I've been wondering if any of you would like to play some matches for fun. It seems that the online community is pretty much not there, like I have to get luck to find people, so I thought it'd be nice to play...
  4. Wingcapman

    New Character Unlocked!

    Hey hello everyone, Since PartyPlanner64 got released, I thought it'd be nice to join in the party. My name is Wingcapman (you can call me Wing if you want to), and I've been a fan of the Mario Party games since Summer 2000, and still playing pretty much all of them. I'm pretty new to this...