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    MP3 Water Temple - New version is out!

    After some time, I finally got my vacation and back to support this board! There´s some massive changes to play now! Removed the second Boo on the board for less instability; Number of spaces was decreased 148 > 126 for better perfomance and recommended number of spaces; Board lights are now...
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    Water Temple

    Haruwolf updated Water Temple with a new update entry: New version is out! Read the rest of this update entry...
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    MP3 Water Temple 2.03

    It's finally here! Water Temple from Zelda Ocarina of Time arrives on Mario Party 3! Looks the board have some guests from Majora's Mask too, but watch out to look so close, vortexes can take you out of room! Make sure to visit Dark Link, maybe he got some very interesting items for you...
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    Water Temple

    SuperZambezi submitted a new download: Water Temple - A custom board for Mario Party 3. Read more about this download...