Author Topic: Paper Jam (tentative name?)- Paper Mario 15th Anniversary fan event: Possible?  (Read 646 times)

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First of all, I do not know which board this would be the most appropriate in. This one is for fan content so I will post it here. Moderators, if you feel like it's in the wrong place, you may move it.

I have had this idea for a couple weeks now, but have neglected to post it online. Obviously that's the first step, so I'm going to throw it out there. I don't require anyone here to do anything except tell me if it's even feasible.

Basically, a fan event dedicated to the 15th anniversary of Paper Mario's release outside Japan on February 5th, 2001. This would be the same date in 2016. I dream big, but I don't really expect big, if you will. I'd love to make this happen but I simply do not have the money or resources to do it alone. Currently I live in a small apartment with barely enough room for my gaming stuff.

That said, I don't know how many Paper Mario fans there are here. If I wasn't banned on Super Mario Boards I'd post it there as that is a more general Mario forum. But regardless I am not sure how many Paper Mario fans would be willing to travel in order to attend an event dedicated to the series' anniversary. I know Smash has these sorts of things all the time, but I'm sure they're backed by rich people or really dedicated people. I can be dedicated, but I'm certainly not rich and I'm only one person. I don't want this to turn out like Mario & Luigi's 10th anniversary where all I did was have a cake made for the people in my building who weren't even Nintendo fans.

Like I said, this is currently just an idea. I have not started planning anything like this. But I would be open to doing it if any other Paper Mario fans would be interested. My main question is: Is this even possible?

I will post this on my Mario RPG forum as well, but I'm not so sure I'll get many responses as that place is pretty dead.
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