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(3DS/Wii U) Mario Party N64 Collection.
« on: September 03, 2012, 06:55:49 PM »
Ok" i think it would be cool if they re-released the original 3 Mario Parties for both the 3DS & Wii U, also the graphics on the Wii U Version would be in 720p man, imagine playing Mario

Parties 1, 2, & 3 in Both HD & 3D, (3ds Version3D) and (Wii U VersionHD) also the collection would come with acievements and a Wii U Demo of Mario Party 10 this collection would be the bomb!

So here are the contents of the game"

Achievements: Unlock Achievements for completing certain tasks in the game,

note the achievements are only
in the Wii U Version of Mario Party N64 Collection.

Here are some of the achievements that can be earned in the game.
-Achievement Figures

(Mario Party Figures)
-Mario Figure: play a 15 turn game & collect 10 Stars on Marios Rainbow Castle as Mario in Mario Party.

-Luigi Figure: play a 20 turn game & collect 15 stars in Luigi's Engine Room as Luigi in Mario Party.

-DK Figure: play a 20 turn game & collect 20 Stars in DK's Jungle Adventure as DK in Mario Party.
-Wario Figure: Play as Wario in Wario's Battle Canyon 20 times.

-Peach Figure: Play Peache's Birthday Cake 5 times as Peach and Collect at least 5 Stars and win the game.

-Yoshi Figure: Play Yoshi's Tropical Island atleast 5 times and collect 5 stars and win a game, & Buy all $100 minigames.

(Mario Party 2 Figures.)

-Mario Figure 2: Collect 3 stars in Westrrn Land.

-Luigi Figure 2: Collect 6 stars in western Land then play 10 minigames.

-DK Figure 2: Unlock 20 Different Minigames.

-Wario Figure 2: Unlock 25 different minigames.

-Peach Figure 2: Play at least 6 hours of Mario Party 2.

-Yoshi Figure 2: Beat the Minigame coaster mode 4 times.

(Mario Party 3 Figures.)

-Mario Figure 3: Unlock 5 Minigames.

-Luigi Figure 3: Play as Luigi 30 times.

-DK Figure 3: Play as DK 50 times, & play 7 hours of minigames.

-Peach Figure 3: Unlock half of the minigames in minigame mode.

-Yoshi Figure 3: Unlock all minigames & use Yoshi 60 times then beat game guys room 5 times.

(Mario Party 10 Demo Figures.)

-Galaxy Mario: Play Galaxy Rush 5 times.

-Star Ship Mario Party Board display: play on Mario's Starship Adventure 5 times.

-Luma Figure: Play Milky way Mayhem 7 times without losing,

-Rosalina Figure with Luma: Unlock all demos & Figures.

3DS Version.
The 3DS version is not as good as the Wii U Version, but it does provide some uniqueness from it's Wii U Counterpart, like playing in 3D & unlocking a few new extras, like some extra characters to make up for not having alot of content & Some Extra boards

(Mario Party Mayhem 3DS demo -Extra Characters for Mario Parties 1, 2, & 3

*Extra Character 1.

*Extra Character 2.

*Extra Character 3.
.Shy Guy

*Extra Character 4.
.Koopa Troopa

*Mario Party Extra Boards,
.Wigglers Treetop

*Mario Party 2 Extra Boards.
.Cloud Land
.Rainbow Land

*Mario Party 3 Extra Boards.
.Bowsers Underground Inferno

And those are my ideas for both a Mario Party N64 Collections for Both Wii U & 3DS.
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