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Title: The Reviews Corner
Post by: Spongyoshi on October 17, 2015, 07:00:22 PM
Hello everybody here is Spongyoshi! I will post here my reviews of all sorts! Im planning various stuff like reviewing fangames,underrated or underknown games,reviewing some games with certains points of views, comparing certains games in a review and maybe even review other stuff than games in the future?
For now,i hope you will enjoy my reviews,im kinda new with this actually  :P Please be free to feedback with your opinion on my review,if you agree or not and also how i can improve my reviews!

Here is a list of my aleredy done reviews:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Anyway i will now start my first review! I really hope you will enjoy it!  ;D


A lot of people doesn't like the car system. But that doesn't stop someone named "TwoDreamyLuigi" to create an Mario Party game using the car system! Being probably the first complete Mario Party Fangame with a proprely working board mode,it is a very interessing game,but is the game even making a good use of the car system? Are the modes and minigames even fun? Is there enough quality put in this game to makes me play it? We will see together now! Welcome as we review MARIO PARTY 2 PLAY !!

First, we have to briefly talk about his first Fangame called "Mario Party Play". It was a big collection of minigames,most of them were inspired by older minigames but there was some fresh and interessing ideas. Also,it had some bonus modes as well! After that,the creator planned to make a sequel but at first,there wasn't even a board mode planned! But after a big hiatus with the game and the release of Mario Party 10,it gaves him the motivation to make his own Board Mode! It's something really complicated to do so this review will explain his success or failure!

( There are 4 boards,each are pretty unique to the others.
The Party Mode!! : It's the main mode of the Mario Party series and since it's for once in a fangame,it has to be in a good quality!
It is heavily inspired by Mario Party 9 and Mario Party 10 so if you really hate the car system,im not sure you can enjoy this game.
If you don't really know what the car system is,i will simply explain:
You don't have coins and stars anymore,your only currency is Ministars. Everybody is also on the same vehicule and each roll makes everybody proceed as well with you. When it's your turn,you are the capitain and you get the ministars (Or minizstars that make you loose ministars) that the car collect in the way. Also,you are affected by the next space you land on. You can also choose bettween differents dice blocks instead of throwing the regular dice block. (If you aleredy obtained one before your turn.) After your turn,the player after you plays and is the capitain for the next turn. There is also a lot of minor changes like your new dice only goes to 1-6 instead of 1-10. But anyway i think you got the idea,let's move on!
As we start,we have only one board,finish a board in first place to unlock the next one and ect. It's a pretty decent idea!
The options of the board mode are both pretty limited and rich. You can only play as Mario or Luigi and in solo player with IAs of fixed difficulty.. But you can choose the ministar handicap of each player,choose the number of bonus dice blocks each player start with and decide if you want a minigame each 2,3 or 4 turn,some options that can make the board mode more fair.
Each boards have their uniques gimmicks,some are borrowed by existing boards of the franchise while some introduces some new original ideas.
With that in mind,the game introduces a LOT of unique ideas like for exemple,adding 2 others bros to the battle space,new dice blocks and even some new spaces like the Birdo space that triggers an event in a set of 6.
( The board mode introduces a lot of unique ideas like new dice blocks.
The board mode is very complete,it's pretty fun to play and has a lot of differences that makes it fresh in comparaison to Mario Party 9 and Mario Party 10.
It's also trying to be more fair than theses games,for exemple,loosing half of your ministars is a really rare event (Only occuring really rarely in the last board.) while keeping the spirit of the car system!
To be fair,the car system is pretty complete even if it's solo player only. Also,the AI can be dumb but nothing too annoying. I think this is the main reason you can come back to this game,to play one board or two because they are pretty fun!

( Like it's prequel,there is a good number of minigames that are inspired by aleredy existing minigames in the Mario Party series.
Minigames!! But anyway,what is the matter if the minigames aren't good enough? If you don't play for the board mode,you probably play Mario Party games for the minigames as they are the most known aspect of the series!
There is 38 minigames in it which is a pretty decent number in my opinion! There is a lot of them for all tastes! Reflexes,platforming,strategy,luck,racing,survival,you can easily find somes that you will like!
There is a good bunch of them that are inspired of existing minigames in the Mario Party franchise with most of them in a brand new seeting or some others changes to make it still interessing.
But there is also a good number of originality in the mix to make it worth it! Way more than it's prequel and it's a great thing!
( There is a great number of original minigames as well!
To be fair,the minigames are really fun to play as well! None of them plays wrong or have major flaws. The minigames are a blast and feels as fun as the ones in the Mario Party series!
The AI in minigames is a bit unbalanced,some minigames are easiers than others. But in general,he is a great opponement and some minigames are quite challenging to win!
With a really decent Party Mode and really fun Minigames ,the game can be easily recommended! But what if i tell you we haven't seen everything the game has to offer yet?

( The game also has a pretty good number of extras modes to offer like an WarioWare mode!
Extras!! The game also contains a good number of extras modes but his most complete one is his Wario Ware mode in the Minigame Mode!
Here,you can play 35 microgames though the "Shuffle Mode" or "Endurance Mode" where you have to play very fast-paced minigames until you have no more lives left as the game getting faster has the time goes,like the WarioWare series.
The differences are that you can't win your lives again (As they are no boss battles) neither there is variations of difficulty levels for microgames.
But for being an additional mode to an aleredy complete game,it's pretty fun to play even with this restrictions and the microgames are uniques for the most part and plays well!
The microgames can be unbalanced as some are harder than others but it's just a minor concern.  ::)
It's also fun to try to unlock all the microgames as well as trying to get the best score possible.
We are not done yet,there is two other Extras Modes (Like Extra Minigames) called "Purple Frenzy" and "Switcher Route". The first one is a platforming minigames where you need to find the best tactic to collect the most purple coins possible in a pretty short ammount of time. The second one is more strategic as you need to desactive and active different colored blocks to make your character roll automatically to the finish without falling of the course! There is 3 paths to beat; Easy,Normal and Hard.
( You can also post your scores online!
The Extras Minigames introduces 3 new characters to theses 2 minigames added to the roster of Mario and Luigi.
Purple Frenzy and the WarioWare mode also have "Online Rankings" where you can share your score to an online leaderboard and trying to have the best score in THE WORLD!!
But that's not all,besides of a nice-looking jukebox,there is "Achievements" as well! Trying to get them all is also something that can makes you entertained and wants to make you come play more! (Honestly,i've played so much that i have them all!)
They are all pretty varied,some requires you to simply unlock all boards of microgames while others challenges you to do a great score on Party Mode or in certains minigames. But getting them all is not easy and will takes a long time! It's a pretty great idea to make his durabilty longer.
With all of theses Extras Modes,the game is really complete and full of content!

Conclusion: Mario Party 2 Play is a really fun and complete game! The Party Mode is really fun and in my opinion,as good as the Mario Party 9 & 10 Party Modes. (Even with the lack of Multiplayer or of a bigger roster.) The minigames are a blast to play and as well for the Extras Modes (Especially for the WarioWare mode even with his simplicity.) and the achievements is a really great idea to make the player more longer interessed in the game. It's a really decent work from "TwoDreamyLuigi" and you can easily see all the time spend working on that game. I suggest you sincerly to try it,at least one board,im sure you will like it! (

Title: Re: The Reviews Corner
Post by: ttwashere on October 18, 2015, 03:41:00 PM
the editor in me really wants to clean this up so badly, haha.
Title: Re: The Reviews Corner
Post by: Spongyoshi on October 18, 2015, 04:40:07 PM
Oh.. It's not that good i guess  :-[
Title: Re: The Reviews Corner
Post by: ttwashere on October 18, 2015, 06:43:00 PM
The content was fine. Just the lack of spaces after commas is a bit anxiety inducing for me haha
Title: Re: The Reviews Corner
Post by: Spongyoshi on October 19, 2015, 03:31:10 AM
Oh well i have to get used to do them.. Not the first time someone mentioned that to me.  :P
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Post by: Bowser498 on October 19, 2015, 03:54:14 AM
The content was fine. Just the lack of spaces after commas is a bit anxiety inducing for me haha
Well he's French so he can't have perfect English. :P
Title: Re: The Reviews Corner
Post by: ttwashere on October 19, 2015, 06:50:59 AM
The content was fine. Just the lack of spaces after commas is a bit anxiety inducing for me haha
Well he's French so he can't have perfect English. :P
But it's punctuation. You put a space after a comma regardless.
Title: Re: The Reviews Corner
Post by: Spongyoshi on October 19, 2015, 10:18:26 AM
Yeah true.. I will try to get used to it even if it's hard xD
But nonetheless is my english alright?  :P
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Post by: ttwashere on October 19, 2015, 02:35:00 PM
Yeah, really impressed that it's your second language!
Title: Re: The Reviews Corner
Post by: Spongyoshi on October 20, 2015, 03:02:03 AM
Seriously? Oh great!  ;D Im happy that the biggest flaw in my review is only the punctuation! It will be better next time i promise!
I'll try to do another review soon by the way. Next is gonna be a real videogame.  :P
Title: Re: The Reviews Corner
Post by: Spongyoshi on October 22, 2015, 04:45:41 PM
What do you think about when i talk about Mario sports games? A lot think about Mario Kart. Some others, more inspired, will think about Mario Tennis or Mario Golf. Maybe even Mario Strikers or Mario Sluggers? But how much people will think about Mario Sports Mix? I don't think a lot.. Personally, i find this game pretty underrated.. But to see it has been put on the Virtual Console pretty recently reassure me. So here i will talk about why this game is my favorite sport game of all-time and why it's a worthly mario sport game! Welcome as we review MARIO SPORTS MIX !!
( There is 4 differents sports, each are pretty well-made!
So, welcome to Mario Sports Mix! As the name implies, it's a sport game based on the Mario franchise. The game is strangely developped by Square Enix (creators of the Final Fantasy series if you don't know that.)  and it's the sequel of Mario Hoops 3-on-3 developped by the same compagny. That previous game only had Basketball. This sequel has 4 differents sports! Basketball makes a return but there is 3 new sports! Volleyball,Hockey and even Dodgeball! Each sports plays differently and.. All the 4 of them plays well and are very complete! It's like 4 Mario sports games in one! There are various differents items, different stages to play on with their own hasards and specificities and also, there is a various choice of characters to the roster.
( The game has several bonus mode, like a minigame mode!
The story is simple, Toads have found some gems with differents sports emblems on them (A gem with a Basketball, another with a Dodgeball, ect..) and decided to make 4 big tournament (one for each sport) to decide who will gets them! The solo mode confronts  your team of 2 or 3 players against other teams where the matchs became gradually harders. You can even play with 2 other human players to help you with the solo mode which is a nice addition! Also, after going through certains hidden conditions, you can even get into an hidden path to unlock bonus characters and minigames filled by smaller but harder missions than the main course! Each sport has hidden minigames for exemple and each of them are pretty fun and refreshing!  ;D
( Each character is different from the other, they even all have a different special shot!
Making the team is something pretty important in this game! Each character has different stats for power,speed and technique. Picking the perfect team is one strategic element of the game! You can try to take a powerful but slow character like Bowser but also picking Toad for his speed but little power or maybe just pick Mario for being a perfect all-around! Some characters are better in certains sports but the game is still very balanced and even if all characters are pretty different, they all stand a chance on the courts and there is no character that is overpowered. Also, each character can use a different special shot. All the special shots are very different so think about that when picking a character as well!
But don't forget the items! Walk on a ? panel to get one, you can get an item or a coin. Coins will get added to your score total when you scores! (Or get added to your power meter in Dodgeball) so try to use your special shot when you have a lot of coins! The items can all be helpful in their own way so try to use them in the best strategic way possible!
( There is a good bunch of unlockables characters, (even if they are all from Final Fantasy games or Dragon Quest) unlockables costumes, unlockables courts and even unlockables minigames to create a pretty long durability for the game!
Each sports has a lot of parameter for them in free-play mode so you can play it like you want! You can play a short game with a lot of items or maybe something pretty long with no items allowed? The choice is yours! The game is also full of unlockables! You can unlock characters from the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series, you can also unlock fun minigames and bonus courts! About them, they are all differents and you also need a different strategy for each one so good luck! The game has a very solid durability with all theses unlockables! Also, the online mode was a blast but it's taken down now.. Also, even if it's anecdotic, the graphics are really pretty and the soundtrack is pretty good!

So anyway to resume that, the game is really strategic. In solo mode, the games takes a while but are really interessing! The pace might be a bit slow but it's for the best and at the end, you can play some pretty interessing matches! The items aren't too cheap, each character is different while all being balanced and there is also a lot of different courts to play on! And also a lot of bonus content to try to unlock and play hidden in the game! It's a really fun game with a strong gameplay and strong durability and i highly recommand that you get it on your Wii or Wii U!
Title: Re: The Reviews Corner
Post by: Spongyoshi on October 26, 2015, 07:22:02 PM
This time, im not gonna reviewing something from Nintendo, but from SEGA. A compagny known especially for the "Sonic The Hedgehog" series but also a ton of other franchises.. And im gonna talk about one of the most underrated ones called Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure.
( The game has an anime-like art style. It's mostly visible in the cutscenes.
If i had to resume Rhythm Thief, i would say it's a mix of a Layton game and a Rhythm Heaven game but released by SEGA. But the most impressive is that the game isn't disappointing. To be fair, even with his little flaw, the quality really surprised me for a game so cheap and so obscure!
( The games takes place at Paris with existing places of Paris in the game.
So let's start with the story. The game is about Raphael and his dog Fondue. They have no family left and Raphael is secretly a thief known as "Phantom R" as he secretly steals painting from museums. He will soon meet Marie, a violinist girl and the Emperor Napoleon which seems to be back from the dead, searching for a mysterious treasure. The story sounds kinda cliché but trust me, it contains enough plot twist to make it interessing! Also, the game takes place in Paris and they didn't fall into the prank of making stereotypes everywhere. To be fair, as a french guy (but im not living in Paris.) , im pretty impressed to how they represented the city, redrawing a lot of different places of the capital city and making a good plot with this environment. I even forgot sometimes that this place was real and wasn't invented for the game since it appropriate the place so well!
( There are a lot of different Rhythm Games and they are pretty fun! Here is one of my favorites, you need to hide between the statues in the right time. Each of the 4 different statue has a different rhythmic patern for you to stop and hide behind it.
Now, let's talk about the gameplay. So as i said, the game is pretty heavily inspired by the Layton series, it's obvious that the SEGA team were inspired by it, and to be fair, it works pretty great! The biggest difference to the Layton series is instead of puzzles, you get rhythm games! This way, the game kinda feel like a musical and it's pretty nice! (It creates some ridiculous situations like punching Napoleon's guards away with one single hand  but whatever.) The rhythm games are all pretty original, but some are kinda awkward to play (Motion controls..) or should have a tutorial or less surprises (The level on the eiffel tower.. *sigh*) It's obvious all this game is a brand new step to an unknown world for SEGA but they add their nice feel to the game! It's even more challenging than the Rhythm Heaven series and feel pretty different to being to his own thing! But most of all.. Man, they are a BLAST to play, they are so fun, i can just play rhythm games and spend 1 or 2 hours for replaying it! The rhythm gives you a grade based on your performance and you can even buy items to help you get a better grade/highscore or even try to get a perfect on all of them!! For the replayability, the rhythm games totally comes in handy!
( The game is obviously inspired on the Layton series for his story mode.
What about the rest? The cutscenes are pretty great! They really feel anime-like but feels professional and tells an interessing story with likeable characters and some interessing plot twist and mysteries. Also, the rhythm games are in 3D but they still look wonderfuly great and doesn't break the anime-style added to it. The game looks great and.. Also sounds REALLY great! SEGA did an awesome job for his soundtrack! Heck, it's surely one of the best soundtrack they did for a videogame! With so much different kind of music, j-pop, rock, jazz, classic or even japanease funk, you get a wide variety of themes for all tastes without breaking the mood of the game and i just can't stop listening to some of them because seriously the soundtrack is just brilliant! Listen to his main theme, it's as good as the Layton's theme! (
( The game also has bonus content like streetpass or offline multiplayer (limited to only 3 rhythm games if you only have 1 cadridge.)
In conclusion, Rhythm Thief is a really underrated game. The soundtrack is awesome and feel likes the best SEGA is capable off. The rhythm games are really fun especially if you are in that sort of thing you will surely have fun to perfect them all! And the story is nicely written, kinda cliché but really interessing!.. But the worst thing is the story ends with a big cliffhanger and we never got a proper sequel. (Only a reboot on Iphone...  ??? ) I really hope SEGA will does a sequel to this game because it's kinda sad to finish the game with so much mysteries still unexplained... But anyway, if you love Layton games and Rhythm games, this is perfect for you! I highly recommand it for your 3DS!  ;)
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Post by: Spongyoshi on October 12, 2016, 09:50:05 AM
Smaller review
What would I improve in Mario Party Star Rush?
Besides all of that, though, Mario Party Star Rush is a very solid Partygame. Might be a bit weak on the Single Player side but it's a ton of fun and way more skill-based than Island Tour!
I would give it an solid 7.5/10 Because of lack of Single Player stuff and Online which would have been an must-have if it does have Online!