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Description: "Welcome to Towering Treetop! On this board, Stars cost 20 coins. Get to the Star Space to buy one! As soon as someone gets the Star from the Star Space, it'll move somewhere else on the board. Use Items to get an edge over your rivals, and watch out for special (?) Spaces!"

This board is an adaptation of Mario Party 6's Towering Treetop board for Mario Party 3. The functionality of the board's events and mechanics are very close to what they are on Mario Party 6, although some events were slightly adjusted for balance purposes. Without further ado, here's a list of the events and mechanics that you will/won't find on this board.

General features:
  • Changing Background: Like in Mario Party 6 boards, the game has 3 turns of Daytime, and 3 turns of Nighttime. The visuals of the board will change accordingly on this board.
  • Time-based Events: In Mario Party 6, events would change, even if only slightly, when the time of day is different. In this board, the events change between Day and Night.
Missing/Replaced features:
  • Duel Spaces: Duel Spaces have been replaced with Battle Spaces. I will be looking for possible ways to implement Duel Spaces in the future.
  • Game Guy Spaces: There are no Game Guy Spaces on this board, in order to be more accurate with Mario Party 6.
  • Gates & Skeleton Keys: There are no Gates on this board, for the same reasoning above. Skeleton Keys are useless, and the only way to get one is via Hidden Block.
  • Bank Spaces: There are NO Banks on this board. The Bank Spaces in this board will host the space listed below.
  • DK/Bowser Spaces: The Bank Spaces in the board are the "DK/Bowser" Spaces of the board and will function similarly. Since DK is a playable character, I turned DK Space into a Tumble Space. During Daytime, it's a Tumble Space and he will either give the landing player a Tumble Bonus, or do a Tumble Giveaway. Tumble Bonus behaves like DK Bonus, giving the player a random reward that ranges from Coins to a Star, and Tumble Giveaway is an event where all players get a random amount of coins, like DK Multiplayer. The rewards from Tumble Bonus/Giveaway will change depending on the turn number. The player's turn status color will change as it would on Mario Party 6.
  • Miracle Space: Both Miracle Spaces have been replaced with Chance Time Spaces.
Passing Events:
  • Item Pickups/Item Spaces: There's no Item Spaces on this board. The players will be able to pick up Items on the Item Pickup spots, just like in the original board. If the player's inventory is full, they will be able to replace one of their items with the new one, like on Mario Party 6. Skeleton Keys, Cellular Shopper, and Koopa Kard are not available for pickup. Each item's percent chance varies depending on the turn number.
  • Pink/Purple Flower: The flowers at the left and right side of the board work the same as they do in Mario Party 6. The location where you end up changes based on whether it's Daytime or Nighttime.
  • Time of Day: Mario Party 6 allows the player to view the time of day on the Pause screen. Due to limitations, this is currently not possible. Instead, every junction on the board is coded with an event before it that will tell the player what turn of Day/Night it is, in order to make the gameplay more smooth.
  • Boo: The Boo works like in Mario Party 6. You cannot access it at all during Daytime, only during Nighttime.
Happening Spaces:
  • Fluff Airlines: The player will be able to fly on a Fluff to one of the 4 landing spots on the board. Each Fluff has a different chance to get you to each location. Red favors going Left, Blue favors going Up or Down, and Yellow favors going Right.
  • Bees: The landing player will lose a range between 5-10 coins.
  • Woody's Sneeze: Woody will ask you to tickle his nose. If you do, there's a chance he'll sneeze and players on the higher levels of the board will fall down. The locations where you're vulnerable to fall and the landing locations are the same as the original board.
  • Woody/Warukio: If you visit Woody at the top during Daytime, he will give all the players between 5-15 coins. If you visit Warukio at night, he will take between 5-15 coins from each player.
Miscellaneous Information:
  • Star Spawns: The Star Spawns are the same as in the original board, except 2 more were added due to Mario Party 3 using 8 Star Spawns instead of 6.
  • Dead ends: There's certain parts of the board that you cannot reverse into. If you reverse yourself into any dead ends, you will turn back and go the same path you came from.
Known bugs/glitches:
  • Tumble/Bowser Space: On the last 5 turns, if 2 players initiate a duel by landing on the Tumble/Bowser Space, the event will not activate properly. The player will be left with a green state color for the turn. This is being worked on.
Final Words: Please report any bugs or glitches you find to me. You can find me on Discord as Airsola™ on the Mario Party Legacy channel, or the Mario Party Netplay channel. This board is not finalized, I will update with any balance changes necessary and/or update any of the board imagery.

Version 1.6 changes:
  • Bee Event: Adjusted to look better and also fix a crash bug.
  • Slightly adjusted the position of some spaces on the board.
Credits (These Discord users were a great help to make this happen):
  • PartyPlanner64 (Event Coding & Added Board Functionality)
  • gamemasterplc (Event Coding)
  • Sly (Board Balance)
  • Spongyoshi (Board Images)
  • YRay(Mechanics Testing)

Posted by: Airsola August 22, 2019, 01:29:40 PM

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