Chip Chaos

Chip Ch 〈【 Version 1-1.json

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Description: Explore a mechanical marvel in this brand new Mario Party 3 board! The closer you get to the center, the less likely you will land on a good space!

A custom board built in SketchUp
2 Item Spaces
1 Boo
1 Bank
Custom Events!

Version List
V1- Released
V1.1- Added Custom Events- originally made by PartyPlanner64, changed the logo and board background elements, added a few more item spaces.

Bugs: The AI is quite stupid with its decisions sometimes and custom events don't show how much coins were gained/lost.

Will you make it out of this mechanical marvel? Try it to find out!
Posted by: KillerAwesome June 03, 2018, 03:28:32 PM

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