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Description: When I found out about this contest and the board editor, I was very excited. I love Mario Party and creating custom games/boards. When I started creating this board I was planning on making it a Mario Party 1 board, but I changed it to MP2, it was made in four days, about six hours per day, mostly testing and aligning the spaces. Now it's done, probably the first entry in the contest.
Board description:
It is winter, Mario and his friends are bored and want another party, they tried Mario Party: The Top 100, but there was only one board, so Mario and his friends decided to make their own board, after hours of sweeping snow and creating paths through ruins and building a cabin, they could finally start the party.
Happening spaces:
If you land on one of the three happening spaces behind/above the mountain with the cabin you can choose to ride a penguin for ten coins. If you choose to ride the penguin you get to throw again and any players you pass will lose (not steal) five coins.
If you land on the happening space next to the lake you can choose to ride Dorrie to the other side of the lake (three spaces above the bank space) collecting coins (max 10) on the way. (Dorries are cold resistant, as seen in the last level of Super Mario Odyssey)
Hope you like it
* I might be updating the board if I'm allowed to
Posted by: IngoH November 26, 2017, 06:30:01 AM

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