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Description: "Budding blooms and pesky pests." With Waluigi bringing the party to the island, so too does Daisy bring the party to her garden!

(This is not actually a submission for the Custom Board Contest #4. It was my test run to how Custom Events work before I could begin on my real submission. Though, nice to see it come full circle from the pre-PP64 days to the era of Custom Events!)

The main gimmick of this board is the layout, shaped like a flower. As it's easy to loop around the board on the main path, take advantage of the various "petals", each with their own benefits. Some are filled with items, some have more Battle Spaces, one has Boo, and one has Chance Time.

Speaking of events, custom events are totally at play here! There are 5 ? Spaces near flowerbeds that warp you to another space (the pollen makes you sneeze yourself to another space). Don't be alarmed if you don't warp during the event process; you'll be properly warped by the next turn. Seeing as I used PP64's custom event to make it work, I find it unlikely we'll find the solution to this issue in the near future.

The ? Space in the top-left, in front of the Daisy mirror, provides you with a free Barter Box (or 10 coins if your inventory is full). While making such a rare item so easily available may seem frightening, it's actually part of the atmosphere of the board. While pleasant from the outside, Battle Minigames are actually quite common, so players will definitely be at each other's throats here! It's a bit like a nod to Daisy's feisty personality.

The top petal, blocked by a Skeleton Gate, hosts two different events. The ? Spaces right in front of Petey Piranha will activate a unique custom event (Pay Coins to Subtract Stars, available to download). If you land here, you'll pay Petey Piranha 40 coins and he'll subtract 1 Star from each of your opponents - quite the sabotaging tool! However, if you don't have enough coins, he'll shoo you away. The outer two ? Spaces cause a Piranha Plant to bite you, making you lose 10 coins.

The final ? Space at the bottom petal, just next to the bank, warps you to the Super Mario Land-styled picnic mat. You'll find a free Star in the picnic basket!

That about wraps it up for Daisy's Garden. If you find any issues, do not hesitate to let me know! Again, many thanks!

NOTE: According to comments, the Petey Piranha event crashes the game if no opponents have Stars. I have yet to look into this myself, so do take caution!
Posted by: Mario_Comix July 24, 2019, 01:10:09 AM

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Shy Guy

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July 26, 2019, 10:56:08 PM
I tried your board!

There is certainly a lot of promise here; you were not lying about the frequency of battle minigames! I like the idea of a wheel-and-spoke design to the board - while in my game it led to a pretty low-scoring board, I chalk that up more to my fault than the design!

However, the Petey Piranha event crashed the entire emulator (1964). At that point no one had gotten any stars yet, so maybe the issue was with an overflow from trying to decrement from zero? Moreover, especially on low-scoring matches, the intended effect seems a bit drastic. While I'm in no position to make you change your own board, if it was an encounter event with a steep (100 coin?) price it may fit a little better, but I know PP64 has its limitations!

All in all though, a lot of promise with this! Did enjoy my round.

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