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Description: This event gives the current player one of five random but equally likely items. It is simple to customize to give one of any number of items with any distribution of chance. For example:

50% to get a Mushroom, 50% to get a Poison Mushroom
10% to get a Skeleton Key, 20% to get a Warp Block, 30% to get a Dueling Glove, 35% to get a Reverse Mushroom and 5% to get a Barter Box
95% to get a Wacky Watch, 5% to get nothing

The code has plenty of comments explaining how it works and how to change it. Hope this helps you create an awesome board with a ton of items in it! Large chunks of code was taken from the custom events written by PartyPlanner64, so kudos to them.
Posted by: Gwonam January 08, 2019, 02:56:06 PM

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