Central Park's Zoo [Block Party]

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Description: Here, you can admire the wonderful Central Park's Zoo! Come see the wonderful animals that live here and don't forget to have the most stars at the end!

Anybody heard of Block Party? It's an Nickelodeon flash game heavily inspired by Mario Party. And now, you can play one of the boards reworked into Mario Party 3!
This board features:
- Less spaces than most Mario Party boards (Block Party boards are smaller because we roll an 6-sided dice)
- Actual events for all happening spaces (Although one is pretty weird) Discover all of them!
- MP4-stylised board mixed with Block Party/Nickelodeon visuals.
- Stars are located on top of spaces just like Block Party! (The space bellow WILL count in your roll number!)
- Junctions on spaces just like Block Party (follow the arrows on the group to see where to go!)
- Backgrounds and characters from the show!
- An bonus path blocked by a skeleton gate to not make the skeleton key useless!

Hope you have fun with this board! The less abundance of spaces makes the race to the star more hectic and makes the AI smarter in some aspects! This is a new version with less varied events but every happening space will count toward happening space this time, but tell me if you want a link to the old version anyway!
Posted by: Spongyoshi October 09, 2018, 01:39:01 PM

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