Yoshi's Islands (MPL Contest #2 entry)

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Description: #From the Contest Number 2 of Mario Party Legacy!!
The name might reminds you of Yoshi's Tropical Island but besides the fact there's two different islands, thoses are two differents boards!
Thoses two islands are separated by gates, you must have keys to cross to the other side (or other items such as warp blocks or genie lamps).
You start at the island bellow, really simple with an item shop and ? spaces, it also have the most star slots!
The other island however is more chaotic with a good number of different spaces and has the bank and boo but no item shop so be careful to not be stuck there for too long!  ;)
I tried to make the artstyle of the board reminiscent of Yoshi Island's artstyle so hope it looks good! Hope you have fun on this board!!  :-D
This is the second version of this board! There's now less spaces so you get more chance to explore both islands! The map was also redesigned with extra details and the spaces placement has also been revisited as well!
Posted by: Spongyoshi July 21, 2017, 04:12:45 PM

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