Water Temple

MP3 Water Temple

After some time, I finally got my vacation and back to support this board! There´s some massive changes to play now!
  • Removed the second Boo on the board for less instability;
  • Number of spaces was decreased 148 > 126 for better perfomance and recommended number of spaces;
  • Board lights are now close to original temple;
  • New music! Dire Dire Docks (downloaded from VGMusic.com) over the original Deep Blooper Sea music;
  • New event! Based on Airsola SpaceWarp, now there´s a Farore's Wind event that warps character into Dark Link's room;
  • New event! Based on Airsola "Give an Item", the center of Morpha's room now gives the player a random item;
  • Lucky Spaces now have a sprite under the blue space;
  • The number of Lucky and Chance Time spaces had been decreased;
  • Lucky Spaces now can give between 8-15 coins;
  • The number of Item spaces increased a little;
  • The number of Happening Spaces on Dark Link's room had been decreased;
  • The number of Battle Spaces had been decreased;

Overall, the experience that I wanted to give on this board is to be more chaotic approach with greater item quantity and give more importance to Skeleton Keys, something closer Mario Party Superstars but still with Mario Party 3 essence.


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