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It's finally here! Water Temple from Zelda Ocarina of Time arrives on Mario Party 3! Looks the board have some guests from Majora's Mask too, but watch out to look so close, vortexes can take you out of room!
Make sure to visit Dark Link, maybe he got some very interesting items for you...


Dev Talk:

Hey guys, this is my personal project, a dream that I had when PartyPlanner was launched back to 2018. Three years passed and finally I decided to work on a custom board, I hope you guys like and feel the effort (even it's pretty simple board when we talk about custom events) that I had past 3 weeks on this board.
In this board, I tried to use my concepts that I learned about Game Design since my college, so I will break the board to explain things more easily:

> This board inspires on actual dungeon design of Zelda. So all paths will lead to central room, long paths will usually reward you with good spaces and short paths can actual punish you, having bowser, game guy and red spaces.
> About good spaces, the "Lucky Space" of recent games appear on this board giving you 5 to 8 coins, however they appear more on locked side on board or long paths.
> Talking about locked side, I tried to give a new experience bringing the original design of temple. The left side of board is actually locked behind a Skeleton Key that you can buy very early. This side has a boo, plenty of lucky, item and chance time spaces to reward you, if you choosed this path, of course, and if you get an extra Skeleton Key, you will have access the Dark Link's room.
> Dark Link's room always gives to you a rare item, more common, Koopa Card and Barter Box, but you can get Lucky Coin and even a Wacky Watch (This can be nice if you want to finish the board early or you want more turns for your strategy).
> The boards encourage exploration and you can take many paths for this, if you take the short paths you can get in start of the board really fast and this can helps to buy stars.
> Because encourages exploration, to avoid players looping on central area, we have three punish spaces on the end of main area to encourage the player get the Skeleton Key path or Whirlpool path.
> I hope you can try different strategies and different ways to play this board.

How this board was made:
> Most Ocarina of Time ripped models from the game.
> Some official PNGs images
> model-resources and free3d sites
> Blender to create the board and render illumination
> Adobe programs to special images, like logos

Finally, thanks to MPL discord for resources and Hylian Modding for some useful tools and I had a big help from Moltard's PDF that explained very well how to rip Ocarina of Time models and texture ripping.
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