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Welcome to Luma's Playground! This is a box where Lumas frolic about after listening to Rosalina's stories at the Library. It seems like a normal day, but that is not the case. The Comet Observatory is under attack, and Rosalina sent the Lumas to the Playground Box when she sensed there would be danger. However, they will not be safe for long. Black holes have begun appearing all over the Playground, and although the Lumas have not been hurt, this is a sign that there is an evil lurking in the shadows. In order to save the Playground, the players must collectively gather enough Stars before the last 5 turns to keep this looming threat at bay. A Superstar will come out on top regardless of the fate of the Playground, but will our heroes save this joyful place, or let it fall into complete disarray?

This board is inspired by Super Mario Galaxy (mostly SMG1), with many different events from the various Lumas and Prankster Comets. There's also cutscenes involved for some of the more important events.

The effects of Happening Spaces, Board Events, and other mechanics will be explained below, if you'd like to go into the board blind, please ignore the spoiler tagged area.

(Are you sure you want to see? Did you already play the board? You should really play the board before clicking here...

Core Mechanics:
  • [Star Progression]: The board is divided into 3 main sections. At the start of the game, only the Blue section is available. Once the second Star is collected, the Red section becomes available. Once the fourth Star is collected, the Yellow section becomes available.
  • [Prankster Comets]: After all sections of the board are available, there is a 50% chance that at the start of the turn, a Prankster Comet is announced. This means it will become active on the following turn. Prankster Comets are only active for 1 turn. If Bowser Jr. is attacking the Playground, Prankster Comets will not appear. These are the 5 types of Prankster Comets that can be announced:
    • [Speedy Comet]: Everyone rolls 2 Dice Blocks. (Using a Golden Mushroom will still allow rolling 3 Dice Blocks)
    • [Daredevil Comet]: Landing on a Red Space takes away 50 Coins from you and send you back to START.
    • [Cosmic Comet]: Cosmic Clones are created on every player's position at the start of the turn. Running into them will take away 15 coins. Cosmic Clones are represented by oversized spaces.
    • [Fast-Foe Comet]: The Star will move at the start of each player's turn.
    • [Purple Comet]: Everyone earns 1 coin per space they travel.

  • [Last 5 Turns]: Bowser Jr. will attack the Playground if players haven't collected the required amount of stars when the Last 5 Turns ceremony takes place (Depends on the number of turns the game lasts). While he's attacking the Playground, the Lumas will flee, making the Happening Spaces turn into blank spaces, and Red Spaces will turn into Bowser Spaces. At the start of every turn, Bowser Jr.'s will announce a player to target, and at the end of the turn, he will shoot at the colored section where that player is located, hitting everyone in it. He does the same sequence of moves each game (Odds of targeting and effect intensity on image below). The intensity of the attacks is determined by the difference in stars between 1st Place and 4th Place. The higher the difference, the stronger the effect. On the last turn, a Bowser Bonus Ztar will be given to the player who landed on the least amount of Bowser Spaces.

    After the Last 5 Turns ceremony, if the players have collected the necessary Stars, Rosalina will give each player 20 coins at the start of their turn.

Happening Spaces:

  • [Yellow Luma (Launch Star)]: These warp you to the next colored section (if the intended destination is not available, you'll be warped to the previous section, or START if there's no other section available). You'll receive 0-10 coins after warping.
  • [Blue Luma (Pull Star)]: Choose another player and warp them to your location.
  • [Green Luma (Lucky Star)]: These warp you to the Lucky Planet once all 3 Green Stars are collected. If they've not been collected, these will be Blank Spaces. (Green Stars are represented by Star Spaces with a Green Star next to them, which must be passed to collect the Green Star. Green Stars become available once all sections of the board are available and can only be collected once each)
  • [Apricot Luma (Spin Star)]: You'll have the "Spin" power-up next turn, allowing you to steal a Star from any player you pass that turn.
  • [Red Luma (Flying Star)]: You'll have the "Flying" power-up next turn, allowing you to warp to any location on the map before rolling. You'll also earn 1 coin per space you travel that turn.
  • [Orange Luma (Friend Star)]: Choose another player, and they'll get a Happening Bonus Point, too! The next Minigame will be a 2v2 with both of you on the same team.
  • [Polari (Key Star)]: You'll receive the "Playground Key", which is a one-time use key that you can opt to use to open a Skeleton Gate. (It places a Skeleton Key in your inventory temporarily before the Gate prompt comes up. It replaces an item, and gives it back after crossing the gate)

Passing Events:

  • [Lumalee's Mushroom Shop]: Allows you to buy a 1-Up Mushroom for 15 coins, or a Life Mushroom for 20 coins. After the purchase, that Lumalee disappears and the space will turn into a Blue Space. Lumalees respawn after all 3 of them have been purchased from. 1-Up Mushrooms will refund your coins if you lose them on a Game Guy Space (does not work with Lucky Charm) Life Mushrooms can save up to 50 of your coins before a Battle Minigame, which you'll regain on the next player's turn.
  • [Hungry Luma (Boo)]: You must feed coins to the Hungry Luma in order to access Boo. The toll starts at 1 coin. The next player must feed at least 1 coin more than it had last time to access. A player may only raise the Coin Toll by up to 5 coins.
  • [Comet Tico's Comet Call]: For 5 coins, you can select a Prankster Comet to be announced next turn or remove a Prankster Comet that has been announced this turn. It is selected via button press, so other players won't know what you selected until it is announced next turn. If there is a Prankster Comet announced this turn and you select one, it deletes the announced one.

Misc. Events:
  • [Black Holes]: These prevent moving to a section that has not been unlocked yet. Stepping on one will take away 999 coins and send you back to START.
  • [Hidden Blocks]: Hidden Blocks will not appear until all colored sections of the board become available. Also, once the Lucky Planet is unlocked, all Hidden Blocks will permanently move to the Happening Spaces there.
  • [Lucky Planet]: Once all 3 Green Stars are collected by players, the Lucky Planet will become accessible via the Green Luma Happening Spaces. At the end of the turn, any player that has moved in this area will be warped back to the Green Luma Happenings.
  • [Star Spawns]: Stars will never spawn outside the accessible areas of the board. In addition, when a new section is unlocked, the Star is guaranteed to move there unless someone is/was carrying a Lucky Lamp.

Known Bugs & Glitches:
  • While there is an announcement message at the top of the screen, players will not be able to change themselves to a CPU or vice versa. There is currently no workarounds or fix for this.

Version 1.1 changes:
    • Star Goal requirements have been increased.
    • Grammar correction on Comet Tico's explanation message.


Final Words:
I might be updating this board for balancing purposes (if necessary) and/or aesthetics. If you have any suggestions, do feel free to message me. Also, if you find any glitches or bugs, report them to me so I can get them fixed.

Credits: (These Discord users were extremely helpful in the development of this board. Thank you!)
  • Rain (Event Coding)
  • Lavendew, Light Elementa (Board Development, Beta Testing & Balance Tweaks)
  • E-77, Jerry, Nazzax (Beta Testing & Balance Tweaks)

Totally Real Reviews from Real People:
  • "A life-changing cinematic experience 10/10" - MPN Player
  • "My favorite board since Amiibo Party from MP10 10/10" - CompetitiveMPEnjoyer12
  • "if my girl 😍 and Luma's Playground 😮both drowning 😱 and I can only save one 😤 😬 Catch me at my girl's funeral 😝 chanting LUMALEE 👏 LUMABOP 👏 😏 💯 😎 🏆 10/10" - KiwiDayvid
  • "Too much space 7.8/10" - AyGeeEn
  • "I couldn't believe it was 100% on Totten Romatoes and I wasn't disappointed 10/10" - NotAPaidReviewer
  • "This was the board of all time 10/10" - TwichViewer14
  • "This board is great, and I'm not saying that because I'm being held at water gun-point 10/10" -eSsENtialDriedHalapEnopuLP
  • "Helped me forget about the incident 10/10" - ViolinEnthusiast
  • "This board's powerful aura surprises even a dark and twisted soul such as myself... 6/6/6" - XxFAWLINxANGLExX
  • "I think it's pretty good 9/10" - NotAirsolan

any name similarities with an user or company is pure unintentional coincidence
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What a wild board. Great gimmick with the board expanding as the game goes on & the last 5 turns event goes crazy(won't spoil it, but it is something you should at least see). Would definitely recommend playing this board, but play it for at least 30 turns or more to get the most out of this board & all of its intricates. Extra points for the custom board & star get music.
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This board was very well designed. It makes excellent use of some of the mechanics from Super Mario Galaxy. Best of all, the fact that you must work together to save Rosalina and the Lumas at first and then go out? Excellent idea!
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